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"We’ve been working with Sarah on different projects over the past years. Her enthusiasm, hard work and creativity have really turned our “house” into our “home.” We’ve appreciated her attention to detail as well as her knack for designing rooms that are beautiful AND functional. We live hard in our home and need our designs to be amenable to that. Sarah has given us that!” 

Amy & Bruce R.

Belmont, MA

"We worked with Sarah on furnishing and decorating our new home and she is so wonderful to work with! She took the time to really understand our style and all of her recommendations were right in line with what we want, but could never have put together on our own. With that being said, she is open to our thoughts and welcomes us to be a part of the process which has been a lot of fun! She has truly gone above and beyond to ensure her designs are conducive to our lifestyle and needs. Her communication skills are excellent and she responds to email in a very timely manner. Sarah is such a fun, kind, talented woman and we highly recommend her to anyone looking to update a room or design an entire home! Our new house will soon be a home because of her!

Janine & Dave A.

Boston, MA

410A8580 copy_edited_edited.jpg
Newton LR

Sarah is a super talented designer. I think she shines at layering in textures and patterns (in colors or neutrals.) She’s got a great eye for scale and to her credit, she rescued a halfway done room when I thought it was a lost cause. I think that working on something halfway done is always harder than starting from scratch. I’ll be asking Sarah to help me finish off my entire house after she has proven herself to me in my living and family rooms. Thanks Sarah, for giving me the home of my dreams!"

Mckenzie & Graham H.

Newton, MA

"Over the past several months, we have been working with Sarah to decorate our new home. Sarah is truly the best in the business! From the start, she has consistently prioritized incorporating our style and does a fantastic job giving us multiple options to choose from before finalizing our selection. In addition to Sarah's exquisite eye for design, she also focuses on ensuring we are enjoying the design process which we feel has elevated the experience for us. We are so excited to be in our new place and love seeing it become our dream home thanks to Sarah!"

Vida & Mike S.

Boston, MA


"Sarah helped us to find our style. We were very lost with what to do and she patiently went through lots of different ideas until we discovered who we are! Her work has kept our love for comfort while bringing in color, textures, and new patterns that we would never have brought together on our own. "Her" rooms are now our favorite rooms in the house. Thanks Sarah!"

Ryan & Louisa S.

Newton, MA

"We highly recommend Sarah for any interior design project! Sarah has great energy, amazing attention to detail, and a truly innovative creative vision. Over several months, she took spaces in our home that were drab, inconsistent, and tricky (long, off center layouts, open floor plans) and transformed them into cohesive, bright, and welcoming rooms. It is hard to describe how much better the spaces look, feel, and live. They are literally our favorites now! We cannot wait to have Sarah tackle the rest of our house!"

Danielle & Kevin M.

Wellesley, MA

Wellesley living room

Working with Sarah made furnishing and decorating our home fun and stress-free! She helps with choosing the look of the space, designing it, plans for the deliveries, and even helps with difficult installations! (Sarah just about swung from the chandeliers to make sure our couch got inside). She gets to know your lifestyle and works to make the space that is right for you! Sarah is a true professional and walks with you through each phase from the beginning to end until after the pieces arrive. 

Julia & Jackson K. 
South Boston

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